The Supercast API provides a RESTful interface to much of the data in the system.
It is used by our official libraries to retrieve episodes, manage subscribers and feeds, act on usage alerts, and more.
If the API is missing something you'd like to see, please let us know.


The Supercast API is versioned in the endpoint path. For example, to use version
"v1" and get all episodes for your channel, you would perform a request to the endpoint
GET /api/v1/episodes. Currently v1 is the only version offered.


Authentication is done via access token included as a request header.

  curl --header "Authorization: Bearer XXX"

Where XXX is replace by your access token.

Access tokens

All operations require an access token which can be generated from your channels'
default OAuth2 application.

HTTP responses

The API can return the following HTTP response codes:

200OKOperation was completed successfully
201CreatedThe request has been fulfilled, resulting in the creation of a new resource
400Bad RequestThe request was malformed and could not be parsed.
401UnauthorizedAccess token was missing or invalid.
403Access deniedAccess token does not have the necessary permissions.
404Not foundThe requested resource was not found. This response will be returned if the URL is entirely invalid (i.e. /asdf), or if it is a URL that could be valid but is referencing something that does not exist (i.e. /episodes/12345).
422Unprocessable entityThe request was parseable (i.e. valid JSON), but some parameters were missing or otherwise invalid.
429Too many requestsIf rate limiting is enabled for your access token, this return code signifies that the rate limit has been reached and the item was not processed.

Rate Limiting

API usage is throttled to 100 requests per minute from all IP addresses.

Key Endpoints

Most API integrations with Supercast only need to implement 2 endpoints: