Displays an inline audio or video player


<supercast-player item-id="(episode / video id)" item-type="(Episode or Video"></supercast-plan>


  • item-id - The ID of the video or episode you want to embed. You can find this ID at the end of a URL of an episode or video
  • item-type - Either Episode or Video (depending on what you want to embed)
  • subscription-identifier - If you created a subscriber in the API with a subscription identifier, use it here to load the video in the context of that subscriber.


The size of the <supercast-player> can be directly controlled by containing it in another element or applying CSS styles to the player itself.

Note that currently the following needs to be included when including the player:

<script src="https://cdn.tailwindcss.com"></script>

We aim to have this fixed ASAP.